Full Photography Productions

Hi! We are Niklas the Photographer and Maiju the Producer. We offer complete photography productions, working both independently and in cooperation with creative agencies.

Here you can find our recent commercial work, and we warmly suggest you check out this selection of Niklas’ personal work, too. In Projects we introduce a mix of our commissioned and personal projects over the years.

Our Commercial Work

Since 2009, we have worked on a large variety of projects in all lines of business. During the last years, we have made commercial campaigns and brand photography for major brands such as Kone, Hartwall, Telia, Kesko, Helen and OP. We have also collaborated with several creative agencies and organisations.

Whether you are looking for a full production house or you would like us to work closely with a creative agency – we’re up to it. Our basecamp is in Helsinki, Finland, but we work on a global field. We are interested in all kinds of visual projects, bet it big or small, near or far.

You can find our commercial portfolio here.

Our Projects

We honour our core values. Human rights, animal well-being, a clean environment and sustainability are all recurring themes in our projects. The topics we’ve tackled so far range from eldercare through sailing to urban culture. The world is full of fascinating stories waiting to be told!

We are always ready to work with causes that are close to our hearts. If you have an interesting project you would like to involve us in, please let us know!

Have a look at our recent projects here.