Niklas Sandström
Photographer, Director

I have been creating images and telling stories since 2009. My base is in Helsinki, Finland, but I work world wide.

I was fifteen when I knew I wanted to be a photographer. It was movies that got me in to it, and specifically the still frames in them. I wanted to stop and truly look at the world. And I wanted to share that view.

I haven’t stopped looking since. I’ve worked in most fields of photography from journalism to fashion and art. I have studied at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, from where I graduated as a Master of Arts in 2015. 

If I’m not at work you will find me sailing on my boat, and even then I’ll have a camera strapped around my neck.
+358 40 763 9017


Over the years I have worked with several widely-known brands. My clients include, among others:
Fazer, Flow Festival, Förlaget, Hartwall, Helen, Kesko, Kone, Lidl, OP, Orion, Stora Enso, Telia, Varma.

Interested in working with me?

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+358 40 763 9017

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