About Us

We have been creating images and telling stories since 2009. Our base is in Helsinki, Finland, but we work world wide. 

Niklas Sandström

Niklas has been photographing the world around him for more than 15 years. As a kid, he thought he would become a professional ice hockey player, but at age 20, Niklas found himself studying photography at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. He graduated as Master of Arts in 2015. However, though he doesn’t get paid for it, Niklas still plays ice hockey. Not very well, but yeah.

“I was in New York the day Trump got elected. That day, my camera – for the first time ever – stopped working. So there I was, in the midst of all this mayhem, and all I could do was take mental pictures. That was weird.“

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Maiju Ristkari
Producer, Creative 

Maiju’s background is in journalism, in magazine and project production and in digital marketing. In kindergarten she decided to become a pirate and sail over the seven seas, but somehow she ended up studying literature, art history, script writing and philosophy in Jyväskylä University. Maiju graduated as Master of Arts 2010 and realised she knows a lot better how to create catchy narratives than how to sail a ship.

“I love to make things happen. No matter if it’s about baking a cake, creating a concept, or writing a storyline – if the job is meaningful for me, there’s nothing that can stop me.”

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Our Clients

Over the years we have worked with several widely-known brands. Our clients include, among others:
Fazer, Flow Festival, Förlaget, Hartwall, Helen, Kesko, Kone, Lidl, OP, Orion, Telia

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